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I’m Arwa a Speech and Language Therapist and an amateur photographer. I like to travel and capture every moment of each trip!

My first baby, Hashem, was born in 2014 and we started flying with him to many destinations since birth . I’m happy to share this experience with all parents along with some tips and pitfalls for each trip.

Traveling with kids might be challenging, but it’s still enjoyable! The key is to plan your own itinerary and avoid planned tours. You will need to be flexible, so plan enough time for each destination. And Yes! you can plan a wonderful trip by yourself. All you need is internet access.

Parents with infants and toddlers are usually anxious to travel. The goal of this blog is to fuel your desire for travel and encourage you to take the kids along.

Wish you safe and fun travel.

Please don’t forget to share your own experience.

A special thanks to my friend Karine. Thank you for all your help and your motivation!